Zombie Nation: Creative Salon and Spa Marketing Menus

marketing salon products for zombiesNo doubt about it, we are a zombie nation.

This week on Facebook, Jen Martin of JD’s Hair Salon in Child’s PA said that my book inspired this “Did you know…” post, which features a sure-fire way to repel zombies using salon professional conditioner!

Did you know?
Zombies are repelled by the taste and scent of
Aloxxi leave in Conditioner treatment!
As the old saying goes:
        “A spritz of Aloxxi Leave in Conditioner a day,
keeps the Zombie hordes away.”

So spray up and when the zombie apocalypse arrives,
you’ll be glad you did!!
So stop in and stock up before it’s too late !!

Great inspiration!

From skin care to smokey eye shadow to teeth whitening to men’s grooming — I could envision a zombie party this Halloween or even a special menu with a full line of zombie fighting products and services!

Great idea and a shout out to Jen and JD’s Hair Salon for sharing this one. I’m working on the 2013 marketing calendars and this just might find a place in one!

If you’ve had a creative a-ha! moment reading one of my books, calendars, or even a blog post, I’d love to hear about it and give you a platform to share your idea with others.  Use the comments below to share your marketing idea or marketing content, send me a note on Facebook or email me directly.

It’s going to be a great year!

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